Annual Memorial Scholarship Program

In memory of Ernie Davis & Bud Heaning

Ernie Davis was a retired Chief Inspector of US Customs at JFK. After his retirement he joined the JFK Airport Chamber of Commerce where he volunteered his services to many of our programs for a number of years.

Bud Heaning who worked for Corporate Loss Prevention Associates was an active Board member who supported and promoted many disabled Veteran and Rotary programs.

One annual scholarship distributions in the amount of $1,000 will allow the Chamber to make a benevolent contribution to an employee or a son/daughter of an aviation industry employee working on or adjacent to JFK International Airport.

Criteria for Eligibility

1. Is enrolled (or will be enrolled in the Fall 2015 semester) in an accredited higher learning institution, and in an established degree program for four contiguous years;

2. Is an aviation industry employee working on or adjacent to JFK International Airport; or son or daughter of an aviation industry employee working on or adjacent to JFK International Airport;

3. Has achieved a high school grade average not less than 80 percent, or an equivalent college GPA.

Application Requirements

A. Complete and sign the JFK Employee Scholarship Program application.

B. Write a 500 word essay using the following theme and topic direction:

Theme: “A Path to the Future”.
Topic direction:
a) Where will a scholarship award take you in your career path, or
b) Public Aviation: Now and into the Future.

C. Application and essay are to be submitted / postmarked no later than May 26, 2015 and will graduate in June 2015.

Of those students who meet the criteria, the submitted essay entries will be reviewed by the selected JFK CoC Scholarship committee members. The most outstanding essays will be determined and will be recommended to the JFKCoC Board of Directors. The entire process will have no mention/reference to sex, religion, race or ethnic background. The student will be chosen prior to the 2015 Fall semester. The scholarship will be awarded to a new student each year following the requirements above.

This is a 4 year scholarship program and the student must show proof of maintaining a 80% average or equivalent each year during the remainder of the college. A letter from your college registrar addressed to the JFK Chamber of Commerce is required.


1. All awarded scholarships will be made payable to, and mailed directly to, the learning institution on behalf of the awarded recipient.

2. Proceeds will be for tuition relief and text book purchases.

MAIL, FAX, or EMAIL the application by MAY 26, 2015

JFK Airport Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 300687
JFK International Airport
Jamaica, NY 11430

Fax: 718-559-6975


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