Membership Renewal


December 2011

President’s Message:

I am honored to be the President of the John F. Kennedy International Airport Chamber of Commerce, representing a diverse grouping of businesses comprising what constitutes the JFK Airport Community.

I invite all of you to support our efforts to keep Kennedy Airport the “World’s Premiere Gateway.”

It’s important to note that JFK International Airport employs around 35,000 people, it’s business activity produces upwards of 229,000 jobs for the region, generates just short of $10 billion in wages-salaries and overall contributes more than $30 billion dollars in economic activity for the New York City region in a single year.

In the face of present and future economic uncertainties the JFK Airport community must become more diligent in its pursuit for stronger economic growth. While we can remain encouraged about the future there is also a strong need for intelligent and responsive advocacy of our community’s interests to deal with existing problems and new challenges.

Much of our continued success relies upon our ability to work together as a community through the creation of a stronger network of business partners.

The JFK International Chamber of Commerce in 2012 will be focusing our efforts in growing our membership, developing more opportunities for member interaction, and cultivate an environment to promote business growth.

The Chamber will continue its advocacy as one powerful voice to address concerns to the Federal, State and City Governments. Additionally, the Chamber will continue to expand on our already active and supportive relationship with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to insure our goals for growth remain aligned.

Through your membership help us continue to play an active role in our city’s most prominent industry as we collectively work toward a better future.

Sincerely yours,

Robert Caton