2011 Membership Promotion

Our membership is open to any company or organization wishing to do business within the JFK Airport Community.

November, 2010

Dear Colleague:

There is one common element that allows us to successfully grow our business – that element is opportunity. The JFK International Airport Chamber of Commerce is all about opportunity. Please accept this invitation to become a member of one of the most dynamic business oriented and member driven organizations of JFK International Airport. For more than 31 years the JFK Chamber of Commerce has worked to strengthen the airport community economic base and quality of life by acting as a convener, advocate, and charitable benefactor.

As a member of the Chamber you will join the leaders of the JFK Airport who are committed to building a unified business community and promoting an environment for business growth and success. The JFK International Airport Chamber of Commerce provides its members the opportunity to:

Network by developing new business contacts through card exchanges, trade shows, fundraisers and social events.

Learn through informative business luncheons with industry leaders, subject matter experts, and elected officials discussing topics affecting business.

Collaborate with other Chamber members by participating on committees and projects.

Promote your company through various web-based and sponsorship opportunities.

Shape the Future through the Chamber’s various scholarship programs designed to encourage careers in the aviation industry.

Gain support and advocacy through a unified business voice.

Success in business is hinged upon seizing the opportunity. Here is your opportunity to join hundreds of business leaders who understand the benefits of being a JFK Airport Chamber member. Please feel free to contact us and begin taking advantage of what the JFK Airport Chamber can offer your business.


Robert Romagna
Chairperson – Membership Committee