CUNY Aviation Institute at York College

In order to create the greatest benefit to our students, we will create four (4) $500.00 scholarships, applicable during the winter and summer sessions only, when other financial aid monies are not available. This will allow our students to continue their education and progress towards graduation by taking courses during the winter and summer terms, when many are otherwise unable to pay for classes. Additionally, the following criteria will be used in the selection of scholarship recipients:

1) Aviation Management major;
2) Applicable only when registered for aviation courses;
3) Applicable only during winter or summer sessions (when other financial aid monies are not available);
4) Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher;
5) To be applied toward the cost of tuition, fees and/or books;
6) Scholarship recipients will be chosen and awarded funding by the Aviation Institute.
7) The Aviation Institute will award the scholarship monies and will provide an annual report to the JFK Chamber of Commerce.

Preference will be given to students of employees of the JFK Airport Community. More details about the program and the procedure to apply will be announced shortly.