A Letter from PANY&NJ’s General Manager

The Port Authority of NY & NJ

TO: Airport Community

DATE: September 27, 2017


Nearly five years ago, this airport community was astounded and grateful in the wake of Superstorm Sandy for critical assistance provided by various agencies around the nation, as we and the rest of the shaken metropolitan region sought to recover from damaging floodwaters. Now, amid a devastating hurricane season for the Southeast United States and Caribbean, we at the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey are in the midst of giving something back to those suffering severe hurricane damage in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Later this week, the agency will be deploying more than 70 members of our Aviation, Port, Police and Office of Emergency Management staff to Puerto Rico to help with potential search-and-rescue operations and security needs, as well as assisting local officials get San Juan International and other island airports back to full flight operations and to resume shipping operations at the Port of San Juan. They will go as part of a request made by Puerto Rico officials through FEMA’s Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), which is administered through the states, following the harrowing wreckage wrought by Hurricane Maria.

More than fifty staffers from the Port Authority’s Aviation Department, many from JFK including our own Deputy General Manager, John Selden, are poised to help our aviation counterparts throughout Puerto Rico, with a particular focus in San Juan, the commonwealth’s capital.

To all of those in the airport community that are helping in various ways already, thank you. We admire the willingness of our colleagues to volunteer to help others in need, and I applaud those of you who are already providing financial support for the relief effort. I know that the JFK community is eager to help and we will be collecting supplies-diapers, non-perishable baby food (not glass), baby formula, flashlights, batteries, disinfecting wipes, first aid kits and feminine hygiene products in the Building 14 lobby.

Our hearts go out to the people of Puerto Rico as they deal with a one-two punch from this season’s hurricanes, culminating in the unprecedented damage from Hurricane Maria. Our airport has a reputation for coming together to those in need and I appreciate your support in this vital humanitarian endeavor for our fellow Americans.

Michael Moran
General Manager

General Manager’s Letter (pdf)

Support the Island of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria

Collection Box located in JFK Airport Building 14 lobby

Donations accepted:

Baby Food (not glass)
Baby Formula
Disinfecting Wipes
First Aid Kits
Feminine Hygiene Products

All donated items must be non-perishable, not second-hand, nor contain liquids of any kind.

Opened or unsealed donations of any food or hygiene supplies will not be accepted.

Donations will be made through the PANYNJ’s support efforts