Our Mission Statement

We, the John F. Kennedy International Chamber of Commerce, Inc., seek to develop an environment in which members of the business community can work together to enhance the growth, well being and economic development of the airport community and its aviation industry.

We are committed to the commercial welfare of our members in all matters affecting their enterprise, business practices, employment and livelihood.

We will strive to build supportive relationships among our members, and maintain an open positive forum that fosters a cooperative and competitive business environment.

We seek to advance the general welfare of JFK Airport by pooling our resources as a collective strength and voice in addressing our concerns to the various government agencies and authorities at the Federal, State, and Local levels.

We will strive to provide leadership and support for any steps taken in regard to civic and business matters affecting the JFK Airport neighborhoods, for the general good and welfare of the airport community we serve.

We, the Chamber, are dedicated to the continued success and perpetual existence at John F. Kennedy International Airport.