What We Do

In order to support our business community and the operation of the Chamber, the following committees have been established:

1. SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE: Includes planning Luncheons, Card Exchanges, an annual Golf Tournament, and other events of special interest to our membership, obtain outstanding speakers that might be of interest to the airport community and develop programs that afford the opportunity to network. Money raised from these events goes toward our scholarship programs.

Co-Chairpersons: Bruce Abbate (Office Worx) & Millie Amsterdam (Kellair)
Advisors to the Committee: Philippa Karteron (Council for Airport Opportunity), Bud Heaning (Retired), Noreen Carro (LMN Printing), Jennifer Trcka (Crown Plaza), Clorinda Antonucci (JC), Frank McIntyre (JFK Rotary), Henk Guitjens (Saveria)

2. AIRLINE COORDINATING COMMITTEE: Reports on and addresses issues related to passenger processing, cargo handling and airline facilities at JFK.

Co-Chairpersons: Phil Jensen (Cargo Airport Services) representing Cargo and James Groark (Cathay Pacific Airways) representing Passenger Services.

3. LEGISLATION & GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS: Includes all Government Agency Items (Customs & Border Protection, TSA, FAA, USDA, etc.). Addresses Government Regulatory Issues that impact businesses at JFK.

Chairperson: Carl Soller – combined with Business Action Committee

4. HOTELS & CATERING COMMITTEE: Reports on and addresses issues concerning the Hotel, Restaurant, and Food Service activity in the airport community.

Chairperson: Joe Clabby
Advisors to the Committee: Olga Angelinas (Crown Plaza – JFK), Kathleen Petti (Sheraton – JFK Hotel), Oded Garti (Hilton – JFK Hotel), Jennifer Trcka (Crown Plaza)

5. SCHOLARSHIP & EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Oversees the Annual Ernie Davis Memorial Scholarship for children of airport employees, provides tool boxes for 5th Year Students of Aviation High School. Offers an endowed scholarship with Vaughn College of Aeronautics which allows the Chamber of Commerce to make significant, long-term scholarship awards to students who meet the Chamber’s criteria and supports a special educational aviation security program at Farmingdale University.

Chairperson: Al DePhillips
Advisors to the Committee: Mercedes Ozcan (McBreen Kopko), Bob Arens (City Waste), Bob Caton (Prologis)

6. BUSINESS ACTION COMMITTEE: Addresses issues that relate to doing business at JFK.

Chairperson: Carl Soller (McBreen Kopko)
Advisors to the Committee: Mercedes Ozcan (McBreen Kopko), Bob Arens (City Waste), Bob Caton (Prologis)

7. CHAMBER SUPPORT COMMITEE: Oversees the development management of the Chamber Web Site and maintains the Community Calendar

Chairperson: Dave Sharma (Brussels Airlines)
Advisor to the Committee: Rudy Auslander (Executive Director)

8. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Responsible for membership drives and maintaining our membership programs

Chairperson: Robert Romanga (Airline Vending Services)
Advisors to the Committee: Dolores Hofman (ASDO), J.P Livingston (IBI Armored Services), Joe Morro (Royal Waste)

9. ENVIROMENTAL COMMITEEE: Reports on and addresses issues that impact the environment at JFK Airport and surrounding areas.

Chairperson: Joe Morra (Royal Waste)

10. NOMINATING COMMITEEE: In accordance with the Bylaws shall consist of 5 members appointed by the President and will be responsible for submitting to the Board of Directors, the nominees for election of Officers and Directors; and to fill any vacancies that may occur throughout the year.

Chairperson: James Groark (Cathay Pacific Airways)
Members: Joe Clabby, Bruce Abbate, Tom Kelliher, Carl Soller

11. GOOD & WELFARE COMMITTEE: Was established to acknowledge and comfort local members of the airport community at times of sorrow. The committee is to send acknowledgements to comfort members and their families when there is an illness, injury or bereavement.

Chairperson: Mercedes Ozcan (McBreen Kopko)